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17 March 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Yes, another journal about school. xD;; Man, I'm so busy(just like everyone else) and I'm so tired. Been doing a series of a a lot of senior homework like English 4 and Economics. The two most important classes and I'm having trouble with them. ;_____; I made a To-do-list to keep myself in track of doing important tasks just like my friend Grant. Some of these tasks include these like returning a book to a library or other things because I always forget.Silly me.

Just the other day on Sunday, is when Pokemon HGSS came out. I went to the mall on released day with me friends and boy was it fun. Lets see..me and my friend Luis got Soul Silver, and my other two friends got HeartGold. Whoohoo~ It balances out! I can't wait till my Pokemon is stronger so I can fight against people online. I need to get friendcodes too. This reminds me of when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out and everybody was into it and it happend to my circle of friends~ I'm going to take my time on the game so I can enjoy it. My friend Serener lent me her DS because my DS is acting a bit funny and refuses to play Pokemon games. ;______; <3

Spring break is coming~ That means hanging out with friends, art, and working on that darn Senior Research Project. I'll finish the essay during that time. I want to finish it so I can relax and work with the other projects.