Earthquakes in Cali

My goodness! So much earthquakes these days in California! Just yesterday night we had a huge earthquake that was about a 5.1 magnitude! During that time I was busy cleaning my hamster's cage so it really shocked me. My room felt like it was being shoved so hard(my room was at the second floor) and everything in it was shaking. It scared me a lot! At times like these, I should really pack a safety pack just in case for emergencies.

But anyways today I had work in the morning and all I did was a lot of filing and cleaning mirrors and display. I really wanted to fix glasses today but the filing kept me busy though. After work, Jen picked me up and then we headed to my house because I needed to get a few things and change my clothes. Shiro was very happy to see Jen so Jen played with Shiro the hamster for a few minutes.

After that, we headed to go eat at Korean BBQ(we should try different places though ahh) and headed shortly to Daiso. I finally got the Hokkaido bread that my cousin Justine was talking about. I shall taste it tomorrow morning then~!
Hokkaido bread

When our adventures to Daiso was done, we took side street all the way to Pomona. The scenery was gorgeous especially Walnut and Chino that had breathtaking views(vast mountains). We eventually made it to her house but before we went to her house we stopped at the nearby starbucks to get some drinks for the three of us. Jen had a hot white chocolate mocha with soymilk, and for Justine and I, we had a cold green tea latte with soymilk and peppermint. Yes I am typing the details just in case I forget! We arrived at her house and greeted my cousin with huggles! We proceeded to her house and just hanged out a bit at her house Justine took her car so we all carpooled to her friend's twins 1st birthday party in Montclair. The babies are so cute omg! Justine and Jen got along really well and I'm really glad for that. The reason why is because I want my girlfriend and my cousin to get along because well, they are important in my life. So things happen for a reason. :)
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A Friday night

I really miss the Philippines. The vast open fields and mountains, to the province area that just feels like..home. I really can't wait to go back to visit in 2014. That's a really long way! But it will be worth the wait. I'm already started to save for it. So far I have like....$50? Then again, I can buy a lot of stuff with just $50. LOL All of those cute plushies! Like the ice cream plushie and bear plushies! The food there is also tasty!

Ohh I wish I couldve took more pics when I was there. It really is exciting to travel. In the future, I want to visit the world. I want to visit places such as London, Europe, Japan, Italy, etc. Staying in one place for a very long time can be boring. So why not travel?? 8D

Must save money...
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I'm currently taking Humanities during the Summer and so for the few I had its going okay. I mean, the teacher isn't that bad. Although she kinda gets off topic and unorganized with the syllabus(so many little mistakes). I found out I was the only High Schooler in there. Everybody in there are in there 2nd and 3rd year! No offense to old people but I think I saw a few of them in my class.People in there talk so smart and I feel kinda dumb because first of all, the requirement to be in the class is that you got to have a high level of reading(I don't like reading). 8D

Anyways, its fun. I get to walk around and getting a lot of steps in my Pokewalker. I get at least more than 5,000 steps just for walking around! Amazing!
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Yes, another journal about school. xD;; Man, I'm so busy(just like everyone else) and I'm so tired. Been doing a series of a a lot of senior homework like English 4 and Economics. The two most important classes and I'm having trouble with them. ;_____; I made a To-do-list to keep myself in track of doing important tasks just like my friend Grant. Some of these tasks include these like returning a book to a library or other things because I always forget.Silly me.

Just the other day on Sunday, is when Pokemon HGSS came out. I went to the mall on released day with me friends and boy was it fun. Lets and my friend Luis got Soul Silver, and my other two friends got HeartGold. Whoohoo~ It balances out! I can't wait till my Pokemon is stronger so I can fight against people online. I need to get friendcodes too. This reminds me of when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out and everybody was into it and it happend to my circle of friends~ I'm going to take my time on the game so I can enjoy it. My friend Serener lent me her DS because my DS is acting a bit funny and refuses to play Pokemon games. ;______; <3

Spring break is coming~ That means hanging out with friends, art, and working on that darn Senior Research Project. I'll finish the essay during that time. I want to finish it so I can relax and work with the other projects.

Picnic + Adventure Time!

To start this journal off, here's what I drew~xD

So anyways, I had a fun day yesterday. xD I went to the park with my buddies and we ate food. My friend Roxanne had this red blanket (Me and Luis call it the ROXANNE CAPE) and fooled around with it until we got bored. Then we decided to explore the wilderness and walk around the hills, through large patches of grass, through bumpy hills, etc. It started to rain(okay, it was sprinkling) so it wasn't that epic of our adventure. After that, our friend Mel came and she had a car so we went inside and we drove to Target. (Idk, random?) and bought this oldie CD. xD


Yeah. XD

That is all folks.

Almost till the last day of school

Which is today. ;_; Let it be over~ I'm tired of sitting around. |D I'm in my fourth period graphics art class right now and I finished my work.

  Oh, I know what to talk about! :D This whole school year. wasn't the most exiting like 2008. This year had it times. But Junior year is tough. So much to do, so much essays, and homework. It was busy.

OH. AND KH 285/2 days is coming out in 9-29-09!! how awesome is that?!

Day at the Beah! :D

    So I went to the beach with my cousin and Johnny. It was fun except for the part when it was cold. ;-; We all were walking and walking and took pics of us jumping like fools. xD Then I started to go shell hunting and when I had at least collected 7 of them, my cousin told me that those were mussels and they bite so I ACCIDENTLY  I threw them at Johnny in fright. (lawl, I'm so nice) So we went back to our sitting place to relax and listen to music.

Then I decided to do a prank on Johnny. 8D

 I took my random ziplock bag and put a lot of sand in it and close it and then I put it inside his backpack. I don't know if he was watching me but I still did it. Nyayah XD

I still wonder if he knew it was me.